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Tony had a passion for music since he was a child; we had gotten him a toy guitar for Christmas in 1989, since then he was hooked. He would walk around the house singing to himself, and writing lyrics on all of his notebooks. He had a very special talent, when it came to playing any song by ear. He could hear a song and play it on either keyboard or guitar.

He bought his first guitar and keyboard while we where stationed in Germany, he was 18 years old. He was working in an Army Dining Facility and met up with a band called AOR (Afraid of Reality). He started hanging around them and practicing with them. On occasion he would play the keyboards for the band at their bar gigs. He stayed in Germany after we returned to the states, and learned how to play in the band. Tony loved Germany and the live band scene.

When Mike was about 12 or so used to ask me (his father) to play the guitar for him all the time. He loved it when I would play Stairway to Heaven and some of the other old classic rock songs. We always wanted to jam with me, when he got older and had his guitar we never found the time to jam together. I have since started playing again in his honor.

On the 24th June 2006, two days before he was killed he wrote the following song; entitled Guardian Angel:

“It’s been so long since I’ve been home
Where ever I may roam it’s on and long gone
In the zone and home grown
Half empty and all alone
Not sure where I belong
But you could find me in this song

So come take a ride on the other side
Whatever it takes its do or die
In my life it’s only right to give it up
When angels cry

No thrown, my minds blown
Oh no my song, my life, my time, my tone
But to give it I’m here to live it
Forever you’ll miss it forget it forgive it

It’s not the end but the beginning
Are you listening to what I’m spitting
Not to long, but I’m now home
Till then Peace, Love and Chicken grease
To all my kin


I’m gonna dance
For the second time
I advance
I’m on the grind
Command where I stand
Fight the good fight”

РCopyright ©Miguel Hardy.Inc

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