Mom's Letter

My son was the funniest craziest jokester I knew, if I needed a laugh I knew he would be the one who would make me laugh. I miss him so much.

I would like to tell about him through my eyes. He was very strong willed and made sure that you understood who he was. He never was a person who cared about people who were fake, but once you knew him you had a friend for life. He had a heart of gold and would help you any way he could. Even though he acted tough he really was a big cuddly bear, (more like BooBoo Bear, sweet and innocent, my nickname for him). I know his brother and sister are probably saying sweet and innocent yeah right! But he was through my eyes; you see we would always have these long talks and he would tell me everything and he never kept any secrets from me and we would discuss what was bothering him, I never judge him and he never judge me. He enjoyed his family and his friends, his music and art. He had so much talent, but his biggest contribution was himself. His smile and laugh would just melt you away; he would light up a room.
Now this light has been taken away from all of us. You see, he was killed by a motorist that has used the excuse I didn’t see him, now I am begging you to help me change the laws I want to have motorist held responsible for their actions and be charged. My son was rear-ended by this person; this person only received a speeding ticket and my son received a death sentence. The legal system told us that my son death did not qualify to be seen by the DA and since he was the one riding a motorcycle; he took his own life into his hands. Since when did riding a motorcycle meant you don’t have rights.

When my husband and I received the accident report there were five pages on what my son did that day and only a paragraph and half a paragraph about the man that killed my son, even though he was not supposed to be driving a motor vehicle after dark.

What Justice, that is why I need your help, to change the law and keep all bikers safe and provide justice for them!

I want to thank Stretch and his wife. Thank you for being a big part of my son life. I want you to know he spoke very highly of you.
Robin you and Sierra were part of our family and you meant a lot to us.

Kerry you made my son last days very happy and I want to thank you with all my heart.

Thiana, you were Tony soul mate, there were so much love between the both you. He loved you and cared about you. You will always be my daughter and I love you.

Thank you for being a big part of his life and thank you for sharing your pictures and stories about him.

And to all of my son’s friends if you have pictures or a story to tell please send them to me so I can share them with everyone!

Please I encourage everyone to sign the guestbook. We’d like to hear from friends, family, bikers, and concerned citizens. I need your help to speak for those can not any longer.

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