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Our son was stuck from behind, by a speeding car, as he rode his motorcycle on I-17 in Phoenix, Arizona. The individual that hit him was speeding in the slow lane of traffic and passing on the right. This person has only received a speeding ticket and still has his Commercial Driver License.

As part of our campaign we would like for motorist to be aware of the smaller vehicles that share the roadways. This would include motorcyclist, mopeds and bicycles.

We have tried to contact all people in the political chain, which has fallen on deaf ears. We have written to the congressman, governor and senator; with no response or acknowledgment of receipt of our letters and Emails. But we will continue to fight for the rights for those who cannot.

We have composed a letter to send to our state representative at the following link: Form Letter Feel free to share your our experiences when you use this letter. Remember if you do nothing then nothing get changed, if you speak up you can change the future for everyone

We will be starting our ad campaign in the coming months. Always remember to look out for smaller vehicles, check twice before you act; it could save a life.

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