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Honorable [Insert Name of Governor or State Legislator],

I’m writing to you as a concerned citizen of [Insert Your State]. I am concerned about the alarming rate of motorcycle fatalities on our roadways. In a recent study by the National Transportation and Safety Board (dated 15 June 2006), 4,315 motorcyclists died last year and the total increase of 25% since 1997. Statistics show that 66% of multi-car accidents are the fault of the automotive driver, and the driver often receives no more than a simple moving violation. Additional 50% of all bicycle fatalities are the fault of the automotive drive. Of the of motorcycle accidents 80% are fatal to the motorcyclist. It’s time that the penalties are reviewed and at-fault drivers held accountable for their actions.

This problem is not just isolated to motorcyclists; it extends to the mopeds, bicycles and other small vehicles on the roadways; with the increase of gas prices, it forces citizens to find other means of transportation. Often times, this leaves the citizen in a more vulnerable situation and the common motorist disregards this person until it’s too late.

In the case of an accident between an automobile and a smaller vehicle on the highways, it often means death to the driver of the smaller vehicle. The solution of government has been to refer to helmet laws, suggesting this would eliminate the problem when, in fact, the problem is not the lack of helmets but the awareness of drivers to smaller vehicles on the road.

The solution is in two parts, first it’s your job as a protector of the citizens of our state to ensure justice is served. One thing we should all realize about driving, once we get behind the wheel of an automobile and turn the key it becomes a potential deadly weapon and should be treated in this manner. This is equivalent to pointing a loaded weapon at a person. If one person was to accidentally shoot another person, they are charged with manslaughter and arrested. If someone runs over a motorcyclist or cyclist, they are giving a ticket and sent on their way. I see a grave oversight in the justice system with this; it’s about time that we fixed this problem, especially with [so many] (cite statistics) of our citizenry being killed on the motorways.

We need to increase the penalties for killing our men and women on the roadways. If a driver knows that he/she can be charged with manslaughter for killing a motorcyclist/cyclist, they will be more cautious and mindful of the smaller vehicles on the roadways. As in the campaign in Texas several years ago “Kill a Biker Go to Jail”, this has decreased the number of motorcycle deaths in the state [by how many]. More campaigns need to be started to protect all citizens on the roadways.

The next and equally-important issue is education of drivers. We must better educate drivers on safe driving practices. A motorcycle safety course is required in many states before one can get a license, but anyone can obtain driver’s license with no driver training if they are of age. The motorcyclist is not the problem; it’s the uneducated driver that puts everyone at risk on the roadways, and it’s time that we address this issue and fix the problem.

Everyone on the highways has seen the unsafe practices of others. It’s everything from using cell phones, putting on makeup, and variety of other things that people do. It puts us all at risk on the highways. As I said before, we should treat the automobile as a deadly weapon, and hold people accountable for their actions.

It’s up to you to help ensure the safety of the citizens of your state and anyone who visits your state. It’s also your job to ensure that justice is served to all who violate the rights of others in your state; this means increasing the penalties for people who kill and injure other citizens on
your highways and byways. As a concerned citizen, I would like to see better education for drivers and increased penalties for violators who precipitate accidents, particularly those resulting in fatalities. I appeal to you for your consideration of this issue, and urge you to take a stand on our behalf.

Yours truly,
[Insert your name and if you want other personal