This site is dedicated to the loving memory of Miguel Antonio Hardy.

August 17 1981 – 26 June 2006

It’s hard to sum up Mike’s short life in a couple of paragraphs posted to the internet. You truly would have had to know him to see the beauty of his heart and soul. If you look at him you would get the first impression of a scary looking biker, and some people judge based on nothing else. We call this prejudice in today’s society and this is how most people are. But for the people who would take the time to look beyond this, they were treated to the real person Mike was.

Even the police treated him in this matter, while he laid dieing on the interstate. One lone soul James M. Brecher rendered aid to our son to make him as comfortable as possible, and we thank you for this person act of kindness. This man found our son lying in the middle of a group of people staring at our son as he lay bleeding on the side of the road, he then stay with him until the ambulance took our son to the hospital.

Mike was born 17 August 1981, in El Paso Texas. In his early life he had visited Georgia to visit with his Biological father (John Essigman), stepmother (Glenda) and 3 sisters (Shannon, Kayla and Savannah).

Mike was always the strong willed child and loved to make brother (Jeremy) and sister (Stefanie) life hell. As a child, he loved all of the regulars of normal kids; like video games, riding his bike, swimming and other sports. He spent 2 years in the boy scouts (while we were stationed in Germany) and got to ski in Switzerland and ice skate in Italy. We spend sometime in Garmish and visited Hitler’s resort in Berchtesgaden Germany, and went into the salt mines of Salzburg Austria. These are some of the many trips that we took with Mike, he felt so at home in Germany.

After returning to El Paso we had gotten him a keyboard to play, since he liked music. After hearing him play at his grandparents house; we found that he had a talent for hearing a piece of music and replay it by ear. In the 8th grade Mike excelled by writing his own composition on the keyboard and winning 1st place in the school district. Once he went to high school he didn’t have the drive to finish and decided to just get his GED and go to work.

We got stationed back in Germany in 1999 and Mike decided to join us in 2000. Once he was in Germany he started working and playing in a local Wurzburg band called AOR (Afraid of Reality). He got his first guitar and started practicing, in hope that some day he would be able to play guitar in a band and write his own music. Mike stayed in Germany after we got reassigned to El Paso, Texas; Mike couldn’t stand El Paso and wanted to pursue his musical career. In 2004 Mike finally returned to El Paso and 3 months later moved to Phoenix in hopes of better job opportunities.

Once in Phoenix he had the some troubles as all of us starting out in a new city, but he adjusted well and made friends. He got his first Harley and started to ride with several of the local bike clubs. He got a job with the University of Phoenix as a working the phones and was soon promoted to financial aid department. He then found a better job at MMI as a debt counselor; he loved this job because his was able to help people with their problems. All of his employees loved him and loved the passion he used at work to help others.

Mike became a Christian about a year ago and started visiting the local hospitals to talk to the terminal ill patients. He enjoyed this so much that he was starting nursing school in August 2006, 2 months before he was going to start he was killed by a speeding car on I-17 (26 June 2006). The newspapers of Phoenix never wrote an article about his death nor have they charged the man who killed him. The facts in the police report, states that the person that hit our son; was speeding, passing in the right lane of traffic (the slow lane), his eyes were uneven (he was not drug tested) and just released from a doctors care for an eye condition (he was driving at night). This man only receiving a speeding ticket and our son received the death penalty

If you feel that this is an injustice; we urge you to use the form letter to let the Politicians know how you feel, remember if you do nothing, nothing gets done!

The man that killed our son still has his CDL and is on the highways of Arizona!

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