Thank you!

Thank you for your support!

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  1. Julie Pendergrass says:

    It’s people like you that make a difference. I support this 100%.

  2. Cherish Harris says:

    thank you everybody should watch for bikes they are EVEYWHERE

  3. Bill says:

    I know the feeling, I have been hit. but got lucky and walked away.

  4. Jack from Nashville says:

    I was a victim of a hit and run driver while riding a motorcycle, and am now 100% disabled.
    I support you in anyway I can. I only wish I’d done something in the past.

  5. NANCY says:


  6. Chelcee Bryant says:

    always wanted one of these

  7. Karen says:

    We have rode for 40 yrs. Have lost so many folks we know from autos not watching for motorcycles. Mr. Rich Lutty of Pa. of Lutty’s chevy was the most recent. Loud pipes DO save lives, they have ours! All keep the chrome side up and rubber side down, ride safe.

  8. CJ says:

    Thank you!!! Cage drivers need to be aware that we are on the road also. I will use this sticker!!!

  9. cindy says:

    I got hit on my motorcycle from behind in July,by someone in a big hurry, so I SO support this!!

  10. Chel says:


  11. Marla D'Angelo says:

    This is a great idea! I haven’t seen any PSA’s on sharing the road with motorcycles in years! Everyone needs to be reminded to be aware. I’ve lost 2 friends who loved to ride and I have one other friend who by the grace of God is still with us but can no longer ride! Someone made a right turn right in front of him, he spent 6 months in the hospital and due to severe leg and back injuries he can no longer ride his bike which he loved so much! This is a great reminder to those in automobiles that they share the road. I’ll gladly remit a picture with the sticker on my truck! God Bless. Marla

  12. clh says:

    my husband rides (& by extension on the back, so do i 🙂 i do what i can day to day to ensure that he makes it home safely to me .. thanks for all you’re doing to keep riders alive ..

  13. Biker Cowboy says:

    I ride and I know how bad it is out there. Keep the rubber on the road and the crome side up!!

  14. Breeze says:

    Thank so much for these stickers.. A Billboard might work as well?

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  15. Kendra Merithew says:

    Thank You I think more people should be aware of the dangers of not paying attention to riders.

  16. C. A. Phillips says:

    I am a rider and I think these stickers are a great reminder for others on the highways and byways. Thanks for the stickers!

  17. Bruce Keeler says:

    Thanks! Good to see bikers stick together.

  18. jim says:

    this is a great cause as a rider my self i know how people on the road dont pay enough attention to us on bikes

  19. Katrina Wilson says:

    I am 26 now. When I was 19 I lost the love of my life because of a motorcycle accident. The man who hit my boyfriend on his bike didnt see him on his bike because he wasnt looking out for motorcycles. He hit my boyfriend with his van and ran from the scene. I love this sticker. I just wanted to say thank you and God Bless. Im glad people are becoming more aware of cycles on the rd. Keep up the good work. Thanks again. katrina wilson – pc florida

  20. jeanne says:

    i support this being my hubby out there on a bike every chance he gets!!

  21. Sara says:

    Thanks so much for this cause. I best friend rides a bike and I would hate to see him or anyone else riding a bike hurt.

  22. Stacy says:

    God bless you! We get to ride and feel free but it’s a risk and i’v lost friends and worry about my kids on the road.

  23. Tasha says:

    We love biking. We take our children somethimes or just us alone. Its tragic & we are extremly sorry for your lose. We support you 100%

  24. Denise says:

    I will display them for all to see, i have seen to many accidents, enough is enough, PEOPLE PAY ATTENTION!!!!

  25. jenifer says:

    motorcycles are just like cars


  26. marisssa says:

    my step dad while riding a motorcycle was run over by a grey hound bus about 10 years ago. i don’t want that to happen to anybody else.

  27. Ericka says:

    My mom, most of my aunts and uncles ride.. my father also rode when he was still alive. This is a very good cause.

  28. Dennis & Vicki says:

    We both have our own rides and Dennis has been riding since he was 8 years old. We both support the cause and wish people would be more considerate of bikes. But on the other hand some bikers need to become more aware of the cars they are in front of when they are day dreaming themselves.

  29. Gary Wade says:

    Will stick them on our big trucks. We travel from CA to Alaska and see a lot of crap and ignorant drivers.

  30. Merrybeth Miner says:

    I also support this program

  31. Desperado says:

    Like your site. We need to help everyone in every way to keep their eye’s open for bike’s. Thank’s. Mine will be one my truck as soon as I get it.

  32. Tina Powell says:

    I ride also and I agree with you mission 100%. I wished people would pay closer attention to driving and not on other things.

  33. Sabrina says:

    I don’t ride myself, but I do work with riders. I just one person takes heed to the message, it is worth it…

  34. Kirsten D. says:

    This is a great cause! My family rides, and I wish more people were aware of who’s on the road!

  35. Joe says:

    As someone who rides motorcycles, and has been hit and laid ’em down several times, these stickers speak the truth.

  36. Sheila says:

    My daughter (23), son (16), husband & I all ride. We support this cause 100%!

  37. Bobby says:

    I’m so sorry for your loss and I hope that other people start respecting motorcyclist some day. I’ve been hit by a yellow cab here in Houston that pulled into my lane and I had no where to go but into the side of him. My knee will never be the same but lots of cyclist are not that lucky.

  38. Laurie says:

    Thanks I will send in a pic of my sticker in use once I get it.

  39. marie says:

    As riders, we thank you for helping others be aware of us, and so sorry for your loss.

  40. Annie says:

    Thanks in Advance :)!!!!!

  41. April says:

    Thank you!

  42. dale says:

    We support this cause. We were run down by a teenager in a car because she needed to get across the street to meet her friends. SHARE THE ROADS!

  43. Froggy says:

    My BF, our M109 and I thank you for this site. I wish all the bikers across the world a safe and Happy New Year!

  44. Jade says:

    this site is awesome!!!

  45. loretta says:

    My husband and are riders in a motorcycle club. WE support this. thanks

  46. Brenna says:

    I had a motorcycle. I sold it because I feared what the other (car) drivers were going to do to me! I had to many close calls. Life isn’t worth it. I miss riding!

  47. Luann says:

    I ride my own so I support this cause very much

  48. bern says:

    Je vous en remercie pour votre offre gratuite.

  49. AB says:

    thanks in advance

  50. Darlene says:

    I support this cause 100%

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